Women’s Fitness Run Strong Awards 2023 – Enter Now

The Women’s Fitness Run Strong Awards 2023 are now open for entry. Here’s how to enter a product for testing…

It’s no secret that running kit and fuel can make or break the miles, but run gear technology is evolving at such a rate that it can be hard to keep up with the latest must-have buys. That is why we’re launching these awards: to point our audience in the right direction and showcase the brands that really are worth their attention.

We’re going to be featuring the very best products for building a strong runner’s body, both in the gym and on the roads or trails. Every product will be tried and tested by an experienced team of real runners, with each of the winners selected on the basis of performance, quality and functionality.

Women’s Fitness Run Strong Awards 2023: Categories

  1. Best treadmill
  2. Best sports bra
  3. Best running kit (socks, run belts, compressions sleeves etc)
  4. Best cushioned trainer
  5. Best trail shoe
  6. Best head/ear phones
  7. Best wearable tech
  8. Best exercise bike/turbo
  9. Best dumbbells
  10. Best recovery tool
  11. Best run fuel
  12. Best run hydration

To put products forward for consideration, please contact the Women’s Fitness editor at: sarah.sellens@kelsey.co.uk

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