Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards 2024

Welcome to the Women’s Fitness Nutrition Awards 2024, featuring the best products for General Health, Endurance and Strength.

We know that navigating the world of nutrition can be bewildering, with every company marketing their products as being invaluable to health and fitness. That’s why we run these awards: to point you in the right direction and showcase the brands that really are worth your attention.

Meet the testers

Louise Pyne is an experienced freelance health writer and registered nutritionist at Nutrable, a personalised corporate nutrition service (nutrable.com). She takes a holistic view on wellness and believes in treating the cause rather than the symptoms of health conditions. Find out more at louisepynenutrition.com and follow her online at instagram.com/loulou_nutrition

Angela Dowden is a registered nutritionist and freelance health journalist with a special interest in sports nutrition for older age groups. She recently spent five years in California where she took up cycling and qualified for the USA age group duathlon team. Her latest book, co-authored with Helen Foster, is The Macro Method (Aster, £10.99). Find out more at angeladowden.contently.com or follow her online at twitter.com/dietwrite

Pauline Cox MSc is a functional nutritionist, columnist, best-selling author and co-founder of health food company, Sow & Arrow. (sowandarrow.com). With a passion for integrating ancient wisdom with modern medicine, Pauline has extensive knowledge in human science and alternative medicine. Find out more at paulinecox.com and follow her at instagram.com/paulinejcox

Our expert team of independent nutritionists has trialled dozens of products, testing each one for nutritional merit, quality of ingredients and performance benefits. Here are their winners..

WF Nutrition Awards 2024

General Health

Collagen for hair & skin

Winner: Nutri Advanced Skin, Hair + Nails (£43.45 for 60 capsules)

This solve-all beauty supplement is a winter-beauty must-have in my eyes, and it didn’t take long before it fitted seamlessly into my daily routine. Not only is it crammed with key beauty supporting nutrients such as biotin and CoQ10, it also contains antioxidants and botanical extracts, plus 200mg collagen. I particularly loved that the capsules can be opened and sprinkled onto food, as well as taken with meals. The capsules are also easy to swallow for a boost to your daily wellness routine.

Highly recommended: Innermost The Glow Booster (£29.95 for 20 servings)

I love a product that comes with gravitas, and this collagen powder has its benefits backed by science, which is always a bonus. Aiming to do just what it says on the packaging, it’s been formulated to help promote a cherished wellness glow from within. Collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are the main players that help improve skin elasticity, smooth skin and dewiness. I added it to my post-workout smoothie and was impressed with the way it blended smoothly into my shake.

Special mentions to:

Collagen for joints

Winner: Kollo Health Premium Liquid Marine Collagen, 10,000mg (£35.99 for 14 sachets)

This pleasant tasting liquid is formulated with 10,000mg marine collagen peptides that act as a safety net for skin, hair and nails, especially through times of stress, whilst contributing to healthy joints. I was impressed that the formula is clinically proven, too. I couldn’t resist the easily absorbable single sachets, which are super convenient when you’re on the go. For an extra nutrient top-up, each sachet also includes vitamins C, B5 and B6 to aid brain health and energy levels.

Highly recommended: Revive Active Joint Complex (£39.95 for 30 sachets)

Packaged into handy individual sachets, this comprehensive joint complex blends lump-free into water. You just stir and knock back to give your bones and joints a boost. The marine collagen formula comes from fish scales, which are known for being easily absorbed by the body. The formula felt like it was working after just a few doses, with my creaky morning joints feeling more flexible and agile.

Special mentions to:

Digestive supplements

Winner: Jerms Daily Gut (£25.99 for 30 serving)

I’m always obsessed with products that claim to help keep gut critters healthy, and Jerms’ four-in-one powder has so many things going for it. Ethically sourced, organic, vegan and fairly economical when it comes to gut supplements… the list goes on. As for the ingredients, this tummy-loving formula contains probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and superfoods from Jerusalem artichoke, ginger root, pineapple and lemon balm. The powder is unflavoured (which is always my preference when it comes to powders), and you can easily add a teaspoon to your smoothie, cereal or a glass of water to help colonise your gut without having to wrinkle up your nose from the taste.

Highly recommended: Bimuno Original Daily Digestive Food Supplement (£39.99 for 90 sachets)

A result of 20 years of scientific research on gut health, this prebiotic soluble powder claims to work in just one week. I kept the sachets on my desk and popped one into a glass of water each morning and found that the individually packaged sachets took the fuss out of adhering to a regular supplement routine. Each box contains a month’s supply and, while it’s not the cheapest gut supplement, the clinical research shows that it feeds and increases bifido bacteria in seven days, which gave me peace of mind that it was worth its weight in gold.

Special mentions to:

Health drinks

Winner: Fhirst Living Soda Ginger Mandarin (£13.80 for six cans)

Ginger and mandarin is a match made in heaven, and this zingy drink offered the ultimate in refreshment with its perfect balance of spiciness and citrus fruit. But what’s best about this fizzy elixir is that it contains a combination of living probiotic cultures, prebiotic fibre and zinc to help nourish the gut microbiome, brain health and immunity. Oh, and did I mention that it contains zero sugars? You’d never guess!

Highly recommended: Vievé Protein Water Pineapple & Coconut ((£12.99 for six bottles)

The tropical vibe of this protein water made me reminiscent of exotic holidays in the sunshine. I was amazed that each bottle contains an impressive 20g protein, 90g calories and zero sugar. The refreshing taste is the perfect post-workout pick-me-up, but I also chugged it back during an afternoon energy dip and almost immediately felt the energising effects.

Special mentions to:


Winner: Verity Labs Everyday Woman Multi Nutrient (£42 for 90 capsules)

The aesthetically-pleasing packaging of this product was the first thing that caught my eye, and I have to say that the product matches up to its sleekness. With 35 key ingredients that help support general wellness, this product provides a boost to various areas of your wellbeing, including hormonal balance, mental health, skin, hair, joints and energy. While you have to take three tablets per day, I found that having a capsule with each of my main meals allowed me to easily incorporate the supplement into my daily routine. As a result, I felt more energised, happy and healthy.

Highly recommended: Known Nutrition Female Fit Hormone Balance (£12.99 for 60)

Specifically designed to help regulate female hormones, these gummies are perfect for women who don’t like taking regular supplements in capsule form. The tangy lemon flavour was more akin toa citrus-flavoured sweet than a supplement, and I found myself looking forward to my daily dose. The potent formula contains evening primrose and rhodiola, which I felt helped minimise menstrual symptoms and supported me in feeling my best throughout my cycle.

Special mentions to:

Ready meals and recipe boxes

Winner: Detox Kitchen Meal Plans (from £26 per day)

With an ethos of making ‘the healthy option the easy option’, Detox Kitchen gets it right on all counts. With lots of different plans to choose from, I went for the Active Maintain plan, a high-calorie meal box that complements an active lifestyle. I was treated to a nourishing porridge with berry compote, green juices and grain bowls. There’s a focus on using seasonal ingredients to help aid recovery after a workout, and I felt lighter and energised after the three-day trial.

Highly recommended: Fresh Fitness Food Personalised Meal Plans (£23 per day)

Co-ordinate your meals and your goals with this meal-box plan. Choose from fat loss, lean gains, general health or muscle building along with your nutrition preference (i.e. whether you’re a flexitarian, vegan and so on). I chose the general health plan and found that the website was super user-friendly and the meals scored top marks for freshness and tastiness.

Special mentions to:


Brain-health supplements

Winner: Hunter & Gather MCT Powder (£30)

MCT oil has made quite the impact, with its popularity souring amongst those seeking extra ‘brain fuel’. However, added to drinks, such as coffee, it can often leave an oiliness not enjoyed by everyone. Step forward Hunter& Gather MCT powder. With no chemical residues or hidden additives, MCT is blended with an organic acacia fibre base. To create a powdered version of MCT oil, the oil must be spray dried onto a carrier. Maltodextrin is commonly used, however the choice of organic acacia fibre sees Hunter & Gather MCT powder ticking all the right boxes. A trusted brand, with a high focus on quality of ingredients, this MCT powder is a winner!

Highly recommended: Raise & Replenish Plug Me In (£42 for 30 servings)

Finding a nutrient-dense latte mix is not always easy. Often packed with sugar, leaving little room for the good stuff, latte mixes can be a minefield. However, Plug Me In is a matcha powder latte mix with bells on. Organic matcha and coconut milk is blended with organic lion’s mane (for focus), lemon balm and Siberian ginseng. Inulin and organic cinnamon are used to sweeten the mix. Plug me in… and pour me one.

Special mentions to:


Winner: Precision Hydration 1500 (£9.99 for 8 packets)

These electrolytes are designed for those who mean business when it comes to performance. Heavy, salty sweaters will love these electrolyte powders by Precision Hydration. At first glance you may be forgiven for questioning the addition of sugar into the mix, however, the small amount of glucose present aids optimal fluid absorption. This is because sodium transport and glucose transport work hand-in-hand in the small intestine, so the small addition of glucose not only provides an instant source of fuel, but also supports maximal hydration. With no artificial flavours or sweeteners, this electrolyte powder has hit the top spot.

Highly recommended: Healthspan Elite Activ Hydrate Sports Drink (£12.99 for 40 tablets)

Activ Hydrate tablets are easily dissolved in water, giving a great berry taste. Each of the electrolyte tablets provides 300mg sodium, 100mg potassium, 40mg calcium and 20mg magnesium. A tasty way of increasing your electrolyte levels and helping you hit your workout goals.

Special mention to: Science in Sport Go Hydro (£8 for 20 tablets)

Energy drinks

Winner: Raise & Replenish I Woke up Like This (£42 for 30 servings)

Bursting with goodness, this beetroot-based powder blend packs a punch. Beetroot provides a simple way of increasing nitric oxide levels, a natural blood vessel dilator. It is also a rich source of antioxidants and fibre. The combination of MCT powder, for a boost of brain fuel, and cordyceps mushroom for vitality, sees this drink rise to the top of the morning drinks menu. Acerola cherry adds flavour as well as vitamin C, and the addition of adaptogens organic ashwagandha root and rhodiola rosea further adds to the super blend found in this latte mix. Can’t ‘beet’ it!

Highly recommended: Dirtea Cordyceps Powder (£39.99 for 30 servings)

Medicinal mushrooms have been gaining in popularity due to their many purported health benefits. This one, cordyceps, is believed to improve vitality and exercise performance. Organic is always best, as mushrooms can absorb pesticides and insecticides, and this organic cordyceps powder has a mild, nutty flavour and can be added to drinks or hot water.

Special mention to: C4 Smart Energy (£22.95 for 12 cans)

Energy gels & chews

Winner: Science in Sport Beta Fuel + Nootropics (£15 for 6 pack)

The combination of carbohydrates with nootropics in this energy gel helps you achieve the physical and mental boost needed for endurance. Nootropics are compounds that exert an effect on the brain, such as enhanced focus, improved alertness, better memory and creativity. L-theanine, caffeine, L-taurine and citicoline, combine with 40g of convenient carbohydrate and a pleasant citrus flavour (I tried the Lemon & Lime one), sees this gel rise to the top of this category. The ratio of maltodextrin to fructose has been specifically formulated to ensure optimal carbohydrate use (1:0.8), when compared to other ratios of maltodextrin and fructose (2:1), making it a winning combo.

Highly recommended: Healthspan Elite Kick-Start Gum (£10.99 for 40 pieces) ,healthspanelite.co.uk)

Fancy chewing your way to more alertness? Kick-Start Gum delivers 100mg caffeine, the equivalent of an eight-ounce cup of coffee. A chewing-gum delivery system allows for speedy absorption (10-15 minutes), providing the perfect half-time or in-race hit.

Special mention to: Healthspan Elite Energy Gel (£35.99 for 24 pack)

Energy supplements

Winner: Revive Active Zest Active (£29.95 for 30 sachets)

Zest Active offers a combination of 25 active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in one convenient sachet. The magnesium is provided in the bioavailable form, magnesium bisglycinate – big tick! The line-up of active ingredients is impressive, including the addition of beta glucans, which interact with the immune system to support optimal immune function. The addition of L-lysine, an amino acid that the body cannot make itself, supports the uptake of calcium as well as helping to ward off cold sores. Free from fillers and binders, artificial colours or preservatives, the powder is easily combined with water, providing a pleasant drink. A big thumbs up to Zest Active.

Highly recommended: Nutri Advanced MegaMag Energen Plus (£36.80 for 30 servings)

MegaMag Energen Plus offers a combination of ingredients that target the energy production system of the body. The addition of N-acetyl-carnitine, which supports the conversion of fat into energy, alongside a bioavailable form of magnesium, provides a powerful combination that supports metabolic health and energy levels.

Special mention to: Healthspan Elite Iron Complex (£11.99 for 120 tablets)



Winner: PhD Burn Fat Burning Pre-Workout (£19.99 for 20 servings)

Pre-workout supplements often try to cover too many bases, but this one has solid levels of just a few key players, for bigger impact. A serving provides 2 g acetyl-carnitine, which research shows may increase the weight and/or reps you can lift, probably through reducing muscle damage and soreness. It also provides CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) to help nudge your metabolism towards laying down more muscle and burning more fat. Muscle-building BCAAs and glutamine (with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties) also feature. It contains 150mg caffeine, which is about ideal for most women pre-workout.

Highly recommended: Move Pre-Workout (£24.99 for 50 servings)

With high levels of caffeine and tyrosine, this will make completing a hard weights endurance session in the weights room a little easier, especially on days when the alarm went off too early. Both ingredients can help lift your energy and drive before workouts that require lots of mental focus.

Special mentions to:

Whey protein

Winner: Foodspring Clear Whey Lemonade (£29.99 for 480g)

With one of the cleanest ingredients lists out there, I also love that this whey protein product — the workhorse of strength-training nutrition — is a departure from the standard creamier chocolate and vanilla flavours. The flavour is lemony and refreshing, and comes from citrus concentrate. This means it doesn’t feel chalky or add unwanted milkiness if you’re throwing some in a fruit smoothie, for example. The whey protein isolate ingredient is the purest and most easily absorbed version of this protein, and is lower in fat and carb than a similar product containing whey concentrate.

Highly recommended: Innermost The Strong Protein (£29.95 for 520g)

As well as whey (the best post-exercise choice as it is digested and absorbed rapidly), this powder also contains casein, which is slower releasing and has been shown to help promote muscle repair overnight. With muscle strength and recovery in mind The Strong Protein also contains meaningful amounts of creatine, magnesium and anti-inflammatory berry extracts. It’s available in various tasty flavours, too.

Special mentions to:

Protein bars and snacks

Winner: PhD Smart Bar (£24.99 for 12 pack)

This contains 20g of high-quality protein from whey and bovine collagen, generally regarded as the right amount of protein to take on board after a strength or whole-body workout when it’s a going to be a while until your next meal. The Dark Choc Mocha flavour really hits the spot – it successfully masks the slightly musty taste that comes with many protein bars. Lower in sugar, these bars will work with low-carb and keto diets. The sweetness comes from polyols which can create laxative effects if you have a very sensitive gut or aren’t habituated to this sweetener, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

Highly recommended: Vow Nutrition Protein Clusters (£21 for 12 packs)

These mini bags of milk chocolate-coated soya protein clusters contain 10g protein and don’t have the slew of artificial sweeteners of many protein bars. They make a great snack for rest days or days when your training load is lower and you’re trying to eat a high-protein diet while not overloading your muscles.

Specials mentions to:

Vegan protein

Winner: PhD Smart Plant Protein Powder Chocolate Cookie (£15.99 for 500g)

Versatility and yumminess win the day here — this plant-based protein powder has a lovely chocolate flavour and can be used to make smoothies, high-protein desserts and baked goods. Pea and soya are the plant proteins used, providing 20g protein per scoop and all the necessary amino acids to support your fitness goals and muscle gains. The powder also contains Bacillus coagulans, a probiotic to support gut health, and a range of vitamins and minerals– including vitamin B12, iron and zinc, which are particularly appropriate as they can be in short supply in vegan diets.

Highly recommended: Eleat High-Protein Cereal Pots and Pouches (£28 for 16 x 50g pots or £32 for 5 x 250g pouches)

Breakfast can prove tricky for vegans needing protein to support strength training, so these breakfast cereals in various flavours (I tried Strawberry Blitz) fill that gap. Teaming with soya yoghurt and berries would make a good set-up before a morning workout. Provides nearly 25 per cent of your daily fibre per serving, too.

Specials mentions to:

Vegan protein bars

Winner: Healthspan Elite All Blacks Plant-Based HiLo Protein Bar (£29.99 for 12 pack)

Containing 21g high-quality soya isolate protein, this is a serious post-workout snack, even for heavy lifters and elite athletes (the brand supplies sports nutrition products to the New Zealand rugby team). The ingredients list strikes a good balance between being at the cutting edge of fitness science, while not being overly laden with highly processed additives. It’s a really yummy bar (I tried the Chocolate & Salted Caramel flavour), with a light and crispy caramel centre, and a not-too-sickly chocolatey coating. One bar provides nearly a third of your daily fibre, which means you can worry less about filling up on fibre at mealtimes.

Highly recommended: Barebells Salty Peanut Protein Bar (£23.99 for 12 pack)

A great peanutty taste, and 15g protein per bar (from soya, pea and rice), this has a lower saturated fat content than many other high-protein/low-carb bars. I also loved the easy read nutrition panel on this one; there’s an equally delish Hazelnut Nougat flavour, too.

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