Pretty Women?!?! – Tired To Hide Behind the Mask of a Strong Woman

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Tired of betrayal, exactly from the people whom I believed the most. I’m tired to look for happiness in unknown places and steep streets, and I still have not found it…

I’m tired to hide the sadness behind my eyes, masked by a false shine. I’m tired to hide myself behind the mask of a strong woman, and internally, down deep inside me,  heart breaks ; It hurts and reminds me that I’m  still alone….on my own.

I’m tired to dispense myself to everyone and for return to pick up the pieces of my torn soul. Like In some order, we pay our mistakes in life with parts of our soul. Mine… is already spent.

I always gave my best and for return – I get nothing. I’m tired to give hand for help to a person in trouble, and then, the same person, throws me to the bottom.

I’m tired to believe in people. So tired to believe in love… Tired of building walls around myself, behind which I’m hiding constantly.

I’m tired of fake smiles; the nights sunk into tears and loneliness. I’m tired of days and nights, just seemingly – beautiful. Tired to be taught, and all I want is to love deep and forever… endlessly…

I’m tired of suffering miserably; and, the real truth is some misconception. I’m tired of hiding behind the invented masks, behind invented happiness …fictional life…

Today I say “Goodbye” to all my masks. Let everyone see my real face, full of scars. Real people will recognize its beauty. And for the others…. It doesn’t matter…..

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