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Discover the benefits of personalised vitamins with the award-winning nutrient gummies from Nourished

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Keeping our physical and mental wellbeing intact can feel like an impossible task. We’re constantly trying to offset the impact of our hectic modern lifestyles, especially after the full-on festive period. The detrimental effects of stress, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and a poor diet can all take a toll on our overall health.

The good news is that the award-winning nutrient gummies from Nourished can help to kickstart your health and wellness for 2023 in a convenient, sustainable, enjoyable, and personalised way.

Benefits of personalised gummy vitamins

Nourished has developed patented 3D printing technology to create the world’s first truly personalised super-nutrient gummy. You simply complete a short questionnaire at, then a science-backed algorithm will be used to make a recommendation of seven vitamins, superfoods and nutrients that are best-suited to your lifestyle and goals.

This vitamin and nutrient selection is then 3D printed, using a vegan gummy encapsulation formula, and made on demand to ensure optimum efficacy. The bespoke blend of high-impact active ingredients is packaged in 100 per cent plastic-free packaging and dispatched directly to your door. The net result is less waste and hassle, at a lower cost than purchasing the vitamins separately.

Your chosen active ingredients are 3D printed into a delicious and sugar-free gummy stack.

Active ingredients tailored to you

The extensive range of scientifically backed ingredients available at Nourished has been carefully chosen for their vast variety of health benefits. Ingredients such as the vegan source of vitamin D, lactospore™ probiotic and apple cider vinegar have a body of research behind them, highlighting their potential health benefits, including natural detoxification, boosting immunity levels and supporting gut health.

You can choose any seven active ingredients, from a selection of 40, which can support your body and mind, whether your goal is to unwind and relax or to enhance your energy levels and concentration. All seven active ingredients are 3D printed into a delicious and sugar-free gummy stack. Each stack is then individually wrapped in a plastic-free wrapper for convenience and preservability.

Nourished is disrupting the health and wellness industry with truly customised nutrition and is passionate about providing tailor-made solutions to everyone, everywhere. Get your personalised super-nutrient gummies from

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